Frequently asked questions about Mangata products

At the base of our work there is a constant attention to the quality / price ratio which for us must be really accessible.
What is the point of creating rings wow destined to remain in the window?
This is why, when asked what material it is, we reply that we work with brass and zamak , “poor” metals that are however ennobled by our particular plating, from burnished silver to caramel gold, made by Italian laboratories specialized in luxury electroplating.

Technically speaking ZAMA is the name of a ALLOY OF METALS fused specifically designed to allow the production of components suitable for the creation of jewelry and fashion accessories.
It was precisely the chemical composition that inspired the origin of its own name : ZAMA, in fact, has its roots in the German “zamak”, which is nothing more than the union of the initials Z (Zinc) , A (Aluminum), Ma (Magnesium), K (Copper).

We accept returns within 15 days of receiving the order. The return shipping costs are charged to the buyer. The refund is made within 15 days of receiving the returned items only and exclusively if they are like new and do not show damage / scratches / signs of use and wear.